Would this be different if we were pirates, I thought. Oh, but we are, he said.

    As much as I despise traffic and the "I could walk faster than this" speed of which it moves most days, it provides some much needed time for reflection.

    Today, I found the cow that kicked the milk bucket. I started crying in the middle of a meeting. Granted, this was not the most joyous of conversations, but my fragile bone surfaced. Oh, how I hate it when it does that. Surfacing among The Suit was a first for me.. Humility washes me.

    Sitting in traffic today, the rhythmic fall of the rain lulling my thoughts to deep corners. I watched the faces pass me by. And I couldn't help but wonder where they were going... Who they were meeting. The stresses in their day. Do their children know how much their presence means? Does their partner still get butterflies with each twinkle of their eye?

    And then I smile and turn the radio on as I realize my barrier. And as quickly as I was taken, the rain disappears and the harmonies sooth...
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