Catching Conversations

    I believe trust to be my biggest hurdle in life. I can blindly trust pure strangers, but after a conversation or two... Doubt creeps in. And oh, how it creeps. With its heavy steps and its hearty breath. 

    I'm not sure I can say I've ever trusted anyone completely after a handful of conversations, let alone months and months of relationships. 

    Wait. I take that back. There is one woman I trust completely. And it didn't start that way. Perhaps, it's her history. Or her brazenness. But I never doubt she has my best interests at heart when giving her opinion or trudging through the mud that is me. I guess you might say I love her, in as platonic a way one woman could another.

    Relationships are murky. Mine especially. I have the best of intentions. But I jump too fast, I fear. I am blindsided by the seductive waters and their turbulent nature. The thrill breeds butterflies and their careless nature is ever so appealing. 

    Innocence is lost upon our first breaths. Nothing is ever without change and consequence, is it?

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    @JRPorter said...

    Ahh, trust is a wily one, isn't it? It's always good to have at least a little though and I'm glad you do.

    Big hugs Momma! <3


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