I just can't listen to any more Wagner. I'm starting to get the urge to conquer Poland.

    All evening I've been recalling the day's conversations, things I should have said... shouldn't have said... questions answered... ideas born...concerns rising; replaying events and over analyzing anything my mind will focus on. Because, yes. I need one more thing to do. 

    There's a sort of unraveling happening these days. The bandages are being removed and soon the scarred aftermath will be all that remains. My heads a flutter, yet my mouth rarely moves and my fingers peck away at mere gibberish. I have lost my voice. Lost it. Long ago and I fear the struggle to regain it. God. I hate cliches, but they're so thick in the air these days. It's hard to breathe without catching one or two.

    Tonight, I am raising my pretentious coffee mug and smug eyebrows with the sentiment that new chapters are a good thing. Change is a good thing. It is. And I have to embrace it entirely.

    So, cheers, my dear.

    [Title quote via Woody Allen]

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