goodbye Mr. Cool

    I love lazy days... I have far too few of them. I think that's why I love them, though. My huge undertaking for the day - creating the perfect mix tape for a friend. And no, I don't live in the stone ages anymore.. it's really a CD, but mix tape sounds far cooler.

    Perhaps, I am a little too nostalgic for my own good, but I love mix tapes. I love making them and I love even more receiving them. I'm huge on effort and thought. Huge. This friend in particular surprised me [big time] with a little extra effort and thought... in all honesty, I didn't know how to react and I hope I didn't act inappropriately.

    I kind of suck lately... I know that. I've become emotionally detached to most everything and I hate that. Hate that I let someone else once again dictate my thoughts and emotions. I'm slowly snapping out of it, but somehow this friend burst through my wall like the mother fucking kool-aid man. Props to you my friend. And in return I am making a mix tape. Like I said... I suck and I know that.

    Lazy days also equal time for yoga... again. I don't know what the appeal is for me, I'm pretty sure I do 90% of the moves wrong, but when all is said and done, I love the soreness in my "abs" and thighs. I love the pulling sensation you feel when twisting and contorting yourself in the random positions. I crave the discipline... I really don't know what it is... and now I'm rambling.

    Dr. Dre - The Watcher.

    word. I can hang.

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