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    Brooke Burke is known as today's modern mother? Since when? And what makes her so worthy of such a title?

    This irritates me. Celebrity moms drive me nuts... so its soapbox time. I stayed home with Addi today and actually told a friend "stay-at-home mothers were either super-heroes or a few fries short of a happy meal." It's exhausting; emotionally, mentally and physically to give that much of yourself to someone each day. So, today, while taking a break I looked over one of the feed folders for just such an occasion, 'No Brains Required'. It's a mash-up of celebrity blogs and fashion nonsense that I have compiled around the Internet. I really don't buy into that crap, but some of my friends do and well... it's great mindless fodder.

    My "me time" was quickly broken up by the smiling faces of the Holmes', Klume's, Alba's, Fischer's, and Hayek's running to and fro in their marvelous frocks and perfect hair chatting up what a blessing motherhood is and how it's changed their lives. How? Now instead of having an entourage of 15, you have 20: the nanny for child a, the nanny for child b, the nutritionist, their driver and their personal bodyguard? How much time must they spend in the gym to get that silver screen body back? I hardly doubt their infant is at their feet while they are running away on the treadmill. It must be exhausting running from salon to spa to boutique while some lady your Agent or Publicist chose to watch your "little miracle" stays behind playing peek-a-boo. They've landed the ultimate acting gig.

    I hate Hollywood. I hate magazine covers and fashion ads. But most of all, I hate reading stories of these mothers who don't spend enough time with their children and are the reason so many of our children are starving themselves and giving in... giving in and never feeling worthy enough. I went through all of that as a child and even as a very young adult; starving, hating, cutting, disappearing. Now as a mother, its being thrown in my face again? Brooke Burke is Today's Modern Mother? No way.... I throw rocks at that.

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