This is why I love MySpace

    I recieved this today in my inbox.

    To: mah.nah.mah.nah
    From: Karen
    Sexy girl saying hey to sexy guy. I was totally bored so I decided to look for single guys. I read your page and thought we might become intimate friends and maybe more I've been single for a while now and don..t want to start dating guys I know. I'm up for something new. I'm considered naturally very good-looking, I don..t need lots of make-up to look good! I'm of average height / weight but I work out, so I'm also well toned. So I hope you're interested! Write me back, but not directly to this account. I'm using my roommate's logon, call me lazy, but I don..t want to start maintaining a page.Please use my email at loewen_o at yahoo.

    Don't let the bed bugs bite

    Karen, baby. I don't know if you've actually been to my profile, but I can assure you I am 100% girl. Good luck finding a guy to become more intimate with... I would say if you find a hot one please share, but something tells me you don't know what to look for.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hi Nikkie, Thats so funny, I recieved the same email. a bit different but same email addy. I think its sum kinda bot or something, very wierd....

    from my inbox on myspace:


    First, a little about me...

    I'm laid-back, honest and fun and I enjoy living life to it's fullest. Life is too short to be spent alone. I'm looking for someone that could become my best friend. That person must be honest, warm hearted, trustworthy and have a sense of humor. Most of all he has to like to communicate.

    If this interests you, drop me a line. This isn't my account though, so email me at loewen_o at yahoo.


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