Mix equal parts shock, irony and disgust for a yummy rant cake.

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    I always listen to one station in the morning, B96. They crack me up... this morning's topic was the BBD, the Bigger Better Deal, and how people in relationships are always on the lookout for it. The majority of the callers were women confirming their desire to always have the BBD. Callers talking about being in healthy marriages always looking for the guy with a better job, a better looking guy, etc. I drove to work with my mouth agape. Is this really what is going on out there? Are people that selfish and conceited? What makes them think they are worthy of the BBD? What happened to the sanctity and sacredness of marriage? I love the quirks and flaws. That's called individuality and that's what is so great about each of us.

    I dated a man once who collected pictures of his favorite female celebrities, all mainstream non-nude pictures, although there was the occasional brunette with large large (I'm talking 36G) boobs. The only similarity between me and these other women, besides our gender, was our hair color. I asked him once what the deal was... he said they were his ideal. I didn't understand that... but his words knocked my self-esteem on its ass. The message I took from that was I was good enough for now, but not what he was really looking for. Was he looking for his BBD? Damn him. That messes with our heads, boys!

    I was getting pissed off listening to these people and their shallowness so I changed to the Drex show. His topic, should you marry for money? Callers were saying yes! One guy called in and had the nerve to say he was the one with the money so it gave him the right to look for the hottest woman. He then went on to explain how he had a hot girl, 20 years younger, who didn't really want anything sexually to do with him. Poetic justice, baby!

    All I can think right now is W T F! When did we as a society become so shallow? So shallow we would toss aside a perfectly good relationship with a perfectly good person, because some brunette hottie in a sports car speeds past and blurs your vision or because you found a redhead with no boobs? Is one's physical appearance and checking account balance really more important than comfort, compatability or come on, people...trust? You choose lust... or passion? Don't get me started on that. Get over yourselves, people! Jeesh...

    *Side note: As a newer member of the singles club, this morning's topics gave me a new dating scare. Please tell me I encountered a rare breed this morning and in my recent past. Please tell me this doesn't really happen in the real world.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


    Jenn said...

    It's hard for me to comment because I never really experienced the "dating scene", but since I found someone, imperfections and all, that I truly love I have to tell you that not ALL relationships are like that. I have my flaws too, but we're both happy and love one another for who we each are. Not in spite of the flaws, FOR the flaws.

    Keep your chin up missy! Until that "right" man comes along, you've got friends who love you for you and that's just as important ;)

    Martini Mom said...

    I've been a single mom for 6 years, and I've done a lot of dating in that time. And no, they're not all like that... but I did run into a few. Of course, I was only dating men who were okay with the fact that I had a son, so maybe I was exposed to a more mature bunch off the bat. But yeah, there were a couple jack asses.

    Like the guy who confessed that his greatest fear was that he'd get married and his wife wouldn't be able to lose the baby weight. He went on to tell me that he'd figured out the trick: check out a woman's elbows; if the skin around them is saggy, she's gonna be a weight gainer. And THEN (it's not over...) he oh-so-kindly mentioned that he'd be willing to pay for a personal trainer to help his wife shed the pounds. When I suggested that a better "gift" for the exhausted new mother (if he was going to throw money around) would be to hire a cook and/or house keeper so the wife could take some naps. He looked at me sharply and said "I'm sorry, but I need more of a woman than that."

    This from a man who was chubby himself, and who had a regular housekeeper. I guess he was going to fire the housekeeper once he found a wife to take care of him?

    Needless to say, I didn't go out with him again!


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