Dear Self, Remember This.

    Today, Joshy and I, put on our proverbial Thanksgiving hat and celebrated one of the many things we're most thankful for:
    My little Monkey.
    Each year her daycare holds a feast for the parents and it is highly entertaining to see the children in their environment, interacting with their teachers and friends.

    Telling one of her many "stories", no doubt. Yesterday, Addi told me how her teacher Ms. Katy went to Joshy's house and they were baking cookies.

    I forgot to ask him about that.

    I think she just did.

    These two crack me up. Its awesome sometimes to just sit back and watch the little girl she's becoming. She can hold her own in just about any situation and if you're not laughing your ass off at the end of a conversation with her, there is genuinely something wrong with you.

    "Knock. Knock..."
    "Wanna see my party?"


    The Anteater said...

    Who's Katy?

    @NikolSpencer said...

    LMAO... yeah. She's Addi's new teacher. The blonde with the bob and the voice that can reach octives only dogs can hear? Why, last week Addi told me that her and Ms. Katy went shopping and had ice cream.

    I think Ms. Katy is a fan of imaginary play. And I love her for that.


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