Regardless of how old I get I hope I will never tire of...

    Top Ramen, Mac & Cheese and Chicken Pot (chicken pot) Pies. They always wash me with the most obscure memories.

    Tonight, on this perfectly great Saturday night, I sit at home watching Mannequin [don't judge me] enjoying Marie Calendar's finest, remembering the games my brother and sister and I would play in the hay stack behind our farm house. Hours were spent on those old stacks... Laughing over antics, whining from the scratches and screaming at the site of the mice residing within. I miss those kids...

    So many things turn and make a left in life and it saddens me... To my very core... This distance put between my siblings and I. I wish it merely miles that separated us, but truth is our lives are so drastically different and hurried, finding common ground proves troublesome too often.

    Chicago is oh, so lovely and everything I dreamed it would be, but after spending the last week with my loved ones I'm finding myself hard to locate again now that I'm back in my comfort zone.

    Perhaps its merely exhaustion showing its ugly self.

    But... Perhaps its more.
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