Whatever life may bring, I know I've already won.

    Last night Addi went with me to get the mail. Addi looked down at the athletic wear catalog she pulled from the mailbox and grinned. "Your belly doesn't look like that anymore, Mommy. But mine does," she giggled. She turned around and patted my stomach. "Your belly's getting bigger and bigger, mommy."

    Sighing, unable to deny the truth any longer, I replied, "Do you know why mommy's belly is getting bigger?" A confused Addison shook her head no. "Because there's a baby in there, you goof ball!"

    Without hesitation, Addison jumped in the air and clapped her hands. "I wanna play with it!" she exclaimed.

    "We have to wait, Addi. First, we have to wait for your birthday and then for Christmas. Then, the baby will be done sleeping and you can play with it."

    "When the snow comes?"

    "Yep. When the snow comes, the baby will too." I reached for my wallet and pulled out the ultrasound pictures. "See this? This is the inside of mommy's tummy."

    Addi wrinkled up her nose. "That's disgusting!"

    Laughing, I pointed out the head and the body of the baby. She laid on the floor and pretended to be the sleeping baby. When she was done playing, I got up to get a drink from the kitchen.

    "Mommy," Addi called. "Why's your butt getting bigger then?"

    While my sanity and the very threads that bind this woman together have been tested these last few months, luckily my sense of humor remains.

    So here I am. 16 week pregnant momma. 
    Waiting for January. And hoping it brings a little girl.


    Momma Sunshine said...

    When I was pregnant, even my toes got fatter. So I feel your pain.

    Congrats. :)

    @NikolSpencer said...

    LMAO I tell you, my dear... I can feel myself expanding every day. With the first, I was lucky. Now, I eat not only my words, but everything else in sight, too. ;)

    Ms Domestic Darling said...

    So glad I don't have to keep this a secret anymore! :). You know I'm here for you and I can't wait to meet that little wonder growing in your belly!

    You're beautiful momma!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so tickled to hear the news ... my thoughts range from, "how I wish I was your neighbor" to "what a lovely womb you have."

    Addi is such a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful mama.


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