Live simply so others may simply live.

    Oh, that Mother Theresa still gets to me. And Simple Mom, Tsh, she's been holding my attention for a while, too. I recently bought her book, Organized Simplicity. Read it cover and to cover and have been working to implement her mindset into my life. I even recruited my boyfriend… ok. Perhaps, I strong-armed him a little. ;) I joke… I joke…

    I read the newest post by Tsh this morning amidst a rather large heated cup of coffee… literally and figuratively. I’ve fought very hard to cut the superficial from my life, from my daughter’s life, yet recently it has crept in. I feel, and even see, its grimy little fingers taking hold of my budding family’s conversations and I don’t like it.

    I’ve tried to teach my daughter the beauty of appreciation and of the few luxuries, which even she as the daughter of a single mother, had. I have wanted to enlist her help in giving back and to help those less fortunate, but never knew just where to physically start. I think the following story and Tsh’s experiences are the perfect addition to begin implementing this mindset with both her and K. I love Tsh’s breakdown of how simple it is for us to make a difference and how even the smallest of sacrifices in our lives effect those we dare not think of.

    Unfortunately, I have found humility and selflessness don’t go as far as they used to. I’m determined to change that. Luckily, I have two little girls with the biggest hearts by my side.

    Oxenreider, Tsh. “Now that you know, what will you do?” SimpleMom.net, June 3, 2011

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