Creative orgasm's you say? {blushes}

    I find inspiration in the oddest of places sometimes – I guess that’s the point though, right? Always be watching and looking for the extraordinary, everyday occurrences with potential to change your soul? Eh, well that’s how I live, anyway. Pro and con of my personality.

    The other night The Gentleman snuck in and nuzzled his way past the surface and tried, once again, to pry at my edges. One day this man and I will sit and have a proper conversation. [If you’re reading this: I’ll bring the coffee, you bring the Sinatra]

    Anyhoo, between him and my other muse, whom I can’t even tell you how we came to “know” one another (she’s in Ireland, I believe) I’ve decided to branch out – stop the constant collecting of ideas and make something freaking happen! I’ve talked about doing something creative for too long now and these two have pushed me over the edge.

    I’m working on Addi’s birthday party invitations right now… something lighthearted and simple I felt was the perfect place to start.

    One small step for Nikki...one more small step for Nikki…

    Great. Now I am quoting Space Chimps. This can’t be good for my health.

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