If I made you a mixtape this would be track 1, 2 and 3.

    I love new tunes. 
    While it may not be new to you, it is to me... and oh boy, how I'm torturing this tune. 
    Over and over it plays right now.  

    This tune reminds me of something I might say when pushed to the end. 
    Simple. To the point. Slightly condescending.
    Although... I don't think I could ever get the pout in Morgan's eyes right. Oh, how they do me in.

    @jrporter, I can see you adoring this tune. 
    Please. Listen... and love.


    Katy said...

    Even if it weren't a good song, I'd watch that video again, and again, and again. He is sooooooo pretty.

    @NikolSpencer said...

    Isn't he, though? {dreamy sigh}

    I'm also shocked we finally found a boy to agree on! lol

    Ms Domestic Darling said...

    Ahh Spencer, you so have my number :).


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