Late night conversations with the best of me.

    Tonight while laying in bed, Addi wandered off on one of her many tangents... Tonight exploring babies and growing up.

    "Yesterday, I went to my dads house and we colors. I went grashrr!! {Waves arms in the air} and my finger got wet."

    "Really? That sounds crazy."

    "And my just played at my daddy's house. Actually. And then I went eh! Eh! And we took a little nap."

    Addi loves pretending... She's a very vivid imagination, one of my favorite things about her. Right now, she loves pretending to be a baby. I border on finding it adorable and.... Incredibly annoying. Its a fine line. She stayed in the roll for a couple more minutes, before I gently reminded her that she is now a big girl and we must go to sleep.

    "What are babies for?" She questions.

    "Uhm... Babies... are for mommies & daddies to love & play with. Then they grow up to be big girls, like you."

    "My was a little baby?"

    "Yep. You were my little baby. And now you're my very sweet, big girl and some day, you'll grow up and be even bigger, like mommy."

    "My be a mommy?!!!!" I cannot add enough exclamation points here to illustrate her excitement.

    "Yes, baby. You'll be a mommy. And a grandma when you're older."

    "What about a daddy? Can my be a daddy, too?!"

    "Boys are daddies, baby. Girls are mommies. Which one will you be?"

    "My's a girl. Can be a mommy!! My's so excited! You ready, mommy?" She questions as she grabbed my face and pressed her nose to mine.

    Am I ready?

    Hell, no. Holy hell, no.
    Good lord, they grow up fast.

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